Head of Media Andrew Lamb talks future of media post pandemic

What has been the biggest shift for media during COVID?

Media has always played an integral role in the creation of customers, however I think the pandemic has placed a greater emphasis on the need for true attribution and even greater accountability than ever before.
Put simply, this has led to a shift in investment towards media channels that provide clients true ROI for their business vs just simple media vanity metrics.
It has also led to a shift in the advertisers we work with – the biggest growth being in direct to customer clients.

How have you been able to meet this?

Obviously digital has always allowed for this level of granularity & accountability, however (excellent) attribution technology now exists for ‘traditional’ media. This is now being used for all O360 clients with great success.
So much so, that our results metrics have completely changed. All campaigns (even linear TV) are now measured on cost per lead, cost per revenue and so on.
In fact we rarely discuss traditional media metrics. We and our clients now understand the business uplift attributable to media investment – which is far more relevant in times of greater uncertainty.

What do you think is next?

More of the above!
With greater improvement in attribution technologies across other media channels direct to customer clients will slowly migrate spend.
It will be considered, and it needs to be proven. You see, everyone has an attribution tool for everything, but there are only a small number that are good attribution tools.
To quote one of our partners “If we can’t measure it, we are not interested in it”.

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