“Our investment in local content has paid dividends, we engaged Oxygen360 to create relevant and exclusive content for the E! News platform in Australia.
Through localising content our content library has grown significantly and enhanced the engagement of our viewer base.”

Chris Taylor

Managing Director, NBC Universal Australia and New Zealand

“Oxygen360 understand creatively how to integrate our partners whilst ensuring their requirement, and ours, are fulfilled from a quality and brand positioning perspective. All in all this creates a seamless and highly effective process.

Andrew Nicholls

Head of Network Sport Strategy and Acquisitions, Olympics and Commonwealth Games

“Our business is complex, requiring a thorough understanding of our customer and product matrix. Oxygen360 bought into this early on and developed solutions with strategic outcomes, what impresses me most is the pragmatic way in which they work with us.”

Simon Lindsay

Country Manager, PD Insurance

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We obsess and love customer growth for our clients.
We do this in three simply ways.
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Too often we hear Media placement and Creative are not properly aligned on a campaign, reducing exposure and potential return on investment.
With all Media truly in house, we have complete control over creative placement, with every decision taking into consideration from the moment a campaign begins. 
From Television to Radio, Outdoor to Online and everything in between, we believe the only way to truly maximise engagement for our clients is to deliver tailor made, custom content that perfectly fits each individual medium. 
And in a rapidly changing world, where consumer ad consumption is evolving everyday, you’ll want to know you’re in safe hands with a forward-thinking, full-service agency like us.



It’s no secret that the best creative ideas are the most simple ideas.

Whether you’re launching a new product range, a seasonal sales-period, or even a full company rebrand, simplifying the core message is essential to maximising consumer engagement and return on investment.

With over 25 years experience, our award-winning creative team knows this,

Which is why we work together with our partners to refine and trim down an initial creative idea until it becomes so simple and effective you’ll be amazed it hadn’t been thought of before.



Our Sydney facility is one of the best equipped studios in Australia, with virtually unlimited capabilities, powered by our all-senior team of highly talented people.


Our soundstage is located on site and features drive-in loading dock, full Cyc and fixed lighting grid. Measuring 21.8m x 15.4m we can easily accomodate sets, cars and much, much more.


Our custom suites are state of the art, capable of up to 8K Ultra-High Definition editing & playback.


Oxygen360’s audio booth, matched with our professional sound mixing, ensures fast and flexible VO recording sessions for Radio, TV and Online.


Our design suites are fully equipped with the latest in After Effects CC & Cinema 4D for fast and effective motion graphics and 3D work.